Sports activities

The horse riding center is located at the entrance of Varshets coming from Vratsa on the right side.

The center has a stable, six horses, outdoor arena, horse riding equipment (buckles, protective vests, whips, saddles, bridles, stirrups, etc.). Available to customers with small children there is a playground for entertainment. Horses have a good temper and follow each command of novice riders.



– Children riding with a companion
– Exotic rides (forest rides, field trips, dam)
– Riding in nature

Basic training:
– Getting to know the horse
– Explanation of the nature of the horse


30 min. – 15 lv.
60 min. – 25 lv.


Rafting along the Iskar River

The rafting along the Iskar River in the Iskar Gorge is suitable for any age. The downhill runs on the most attractive and safe route for which no previous experience is needed – from the village of Bov (station) to the village of Lakatnik (station). The route is approximately 12 km. and the downhill lasts about 2 hours.

The rafting base is 60 km away. from Sofia and 28 km from the town of Varshets near the village of Lakatnik (station), just opposite the rocks. GPS coordinates: 43.088337, 23.385043. It has a fixed dressing room, summer showers, convenient parking.

Participants are provided with the complete equipment required for descending (neoprene, neoprene boots, helmet, life jacket, jacket). After each use, the equipment is disinfected.

Downhill runs every day, and in April and May they are twice a day (at 10:30 and at 13:30), and from June to September – 3 times (10,00, 13,30 and 15,00 .)

A minimum of 2 participants is required.

Lowering price – 45 BGN / participant

Offroad Extreme Sport

Enjoy unforgettable outdoor adventures with Offroad Extreme Sport! We offer you an unusual holiday solution and a unique way of enjoying ATV rental. Whether you are looking for just a nice walk in the mountains or strong experiences and high adrenaline. We and our partners also offer programs for team-building games.

The service is in the vicinity of Varshets (near Berkovitsa).

All ATVs have automatic speeds.

Trained guides who know the location will share your beauty with you.

Have you never been ATVs before? Do not worry! You will receive detailed instructions on ATV management and safety during the tour.

Routes are determined according to your experience and your desired driving time (more extreme or flatter terrain). The price includes use of:

• ATV rental;

• Qualified drivers;

• Fuel;

• Helmet;

• Bonnet;

• Wind and waterproof jacket;

• Gloves.

Price per person per ATV – 40.00lv. per hour       Price for two people at ATV – 60,00lv. per hour


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