Steam bath

The Steam bath is another useful pleasure, which Spa hotel Medicus offers to you.
The miraculous effect of the steam bath has been known since ancient Rome. Nowadays it is an excellent tool to recover vitality and purify the body.

In some ways, the effects of the steam bath are quite close to those of the sauna. In it, however, the humidity is much higher, and temperatures are relatively lower than in the sauna, steam bath is a suitable alternative for people with sensitive organism.

Benefits of Steam bath

-The steam helps to clean the skin of dead cells and fat. In addition, it increases blood flow to the skin and improves its elasticity and freshness. These effects are particularly sought after by people with problems and rough skin,easily prone to oiliness.

-Taking of a steam bath before application of various cosmetic procedures facilitates the absorption of cosmetic ingredients.It is also recommended in anti-cellulite programs, as it helps to soften cellulite.

-Besides the cosmetic effect of the steam bath, its positive effects can be felt on the improvement of the activity of the cardiovascular system and lungs.

-The heat helps relaxing the muscles, therefore a person using a steam bath has a sense of ease. It improves metabolism and muscle elasticity. Even with minor muscle injuries steam bath has a healing effect.


– Before using the Steam bath take a shower and dry well, put a dry swimsuit on.
– Time for staying in the steam bath depends on the current state of the autonomic nervous system, and can last from 8 to 15 min / feeling that you have reached the limit of strong pleasant warming and you need cooling /. DO NOT PROLONG duration, stay only while you are enjoying
– Rinse with a nice cool shower and dry well
– Use relaxation area to relax
– You can repeat the process if the current state of your body permits it.
– Do not repeat the procedures more than three times and make sure that your stay inside as long as you rest outside.
– If the steam bath is mainly used for detoxification, it is recommended prior to the procedure to have a cup of hot herbal tea.
– After taking a steam bath it is necessary to drink at least 300 ml. alkaline water, preferably Varshets mineral water to hydrate tissue and to restore the mineral balance in the cells. Drink water if you do not intend to repeat the process – hydration is the final completion stage and it is advisable to drink pleasantly warm liquids at room temperature.
– Steam bath is not recommended for people with high or very low blood pressure and heart problems
– It is not recommended to drink carbonated drinks and alcohol and exercise in the steam bath.
– It is not advisable steam bath to be used by pregnant women, people with recent stroke, heart attack or suffering from anemia, epilepsy, cancer or asthma.


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