SPA Hotel Medicus

Our talented poet Dora Gabe wrote once: “… I would be back there every year in September, when the summer is still not gone and the fall is not in a hurry. Then all late flowers blossom, people carry the grapes in baskets, shake down the walnuts and the water in the bathroom looks double, crystal clear and plentiful.”
The people living in this beautiful mountain resort are truly proud of this recognition and anyone who has been to Varshets, will easily recognize it. Fortunately for us, and for all who prefer the comfort, tranquillity and hospitality of Varshets, water from the mineral springs is still crystal clear, clean and healing, summer is indolent and autumn – plentiful.
Varshets is one of the greenest and eco-friendly cities in Bulgaria. The resort is situated at 380 m altitude, where the high mountain ranges protect it from cold winds and fluctuation in temperatures, and make the air pleasant and fresh. An important advantage is that the town is easily accessible, located 92 km north of Sofia, when traveling through the pass of Petrohan and 130 km via highway Hemus and Vratza. It is at a distance of 90 km from Vidin, where a new bridge over the Danube River connects Bulgaria with Romania. A famous SPA resort, combining unique climate, beautiful nature and curative mineral waters.
Unique in Northwestern Bulgaria, Varshets offers a blend of mineral springs, air rich in oxygen and beautiful nature. The name of the town turns into a healthy formula for everyone.
A source of health, vital energy, romance and a transfer in another age we offer you in SPA Hotel Medicus-the latest four-star SPA complex in the town of Varshets. It is located in the centre of the resort, in close proximity to the city Bath and the old Casino. SPA hotel Medicus offers its guests 25 suites, with the option to use extra beds, 6 double rooms Deluxe and a Studio with jacuzzi. All rooms in the SPA Hotel Medicus “are equipped with a telephone, TV, air conditioning, mini bar, hair dryer, panic button and musical arrangement in bathrooms.
A place for all who prefer the comfort, tranquillity and hospitality, crystal clear and healing mineral water, Medicus hotel offers two restaurants in which to try our famous cuisine, a lobby bar, in which to share a drink with friends, and  very good SPA facilities.
SPA Hotel Medicus will also offer you a dose of romance and take you back in the time of King Ferdinad with a walk along the unique Plane Tree Alley where the trees are over 100 years old and to the Royal Casino.  You will definitely feel the exquisite energy and glamour of those days and probably somewhere along the way you will remember the beautiful revelation of Dora Gabe, which would have already become your own belief.

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