Pools with mineral water

The hotel has an indoor and outdoor swimming pools with mineral water. The pools with mineral water
are safe and healthy alternative to full of chemicals ordinary swimming pools. Curative and prophylactic properties of the mineral water are known from ancient Rome, when people were spending much time in relax and rehabilitation procedures in specially built facilities with mineral water.

Benefits of swimming pools with mineral water

The benefits for the body of bathrooms with mineral water are numerous. There is no danger for allergic reactions and skin irritation, they reduce stress and tension and support the treatment of many diseases:
rheumatism, fractures, problems with the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, nervous system disorders, liver problems, gynecological problems, skin diseases and others.
The pools with mineral water are a good opportunity to do something pleasant – swim without worrying about subsequent skin problems. Among the other things, your body will feel the positive effect of the mineral water.

More information about the outdoor swimming pool of Spa hotel Medicus:

Size – 25 meters x 12.5 meters, Depth 1.35-1.60m
Temperature – 25 ○ C
Working time:
Monday – Sunday – 8.00- 20.00

The pool has unique for Bulgaria cleaning system for the water.
The system works with two kinds of electrodes – copper and titanium. The ionization was first used in 1967 by NASA Apollo space program for purification of drinking water during space missions.
The copper ions destroy bacteria, viruses, algae and some of the ponds in the swimming pools and prevent it from re-forming in the water. The titanium electrodes are performing a natural process of oxygen extraction by the separation of the water molecule. While it is in the mode of oxidation own process of electrolysis causes electro-physical separation of the water into oxygen and hydrogen. The oxygen is 10 times stronger oxidant than chlorine. The oxygen atoms separated in this process are responsible for removal of dead organic material and other contaminants in the water, such as fat and oil tanning.

The benefits are:
– Crystal clear water
– suitable for adults and children with allergies to chlorine
– no odor of preparations
– no irritation to skin and eyes

More information about the indoor swimming pool of Spa hotel Medicus:
Size – 11 meters to 4 meters depth of 1.5 m
Temperature – 28 ○ – 30 ○ C
Working time:
Monday – Thursday – 8.00- 20.00
Friday – Sunday – 8.00- 21.00ch.


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