Jacuzzi with mineral water

Enjoy the wonderful experience in the Jacuzzi with mineral water available in Spa Hotel Medicus. It is the perfect place to relax before or after SPA treatments. Jacuzzi with mineral water is the perfect combination of incredible pleasure, which provides whirlpool, with healing properties of mineral water.

Benefits of the mineral water

Benefits for the body of bathrooms with mineral water are numerous. There is no danger for of allergic reactions and skin irritation, they reduce stress and tension and support the treatment of many diseases:
rheumatism, fractures, problems with the cardiovascular and respiratory system, nervous system disorders, liver problems, gynecological problems, skin diseases and others.

More information about the Jacuzzi with mineral water at SPA hotel Medicus:

Temperature – 34 ○ -36 ○ C
Massage jets
Capacity – 4 people
Working time:
Monday – Thursday – 8.00- 20.00
Friday – Sunday – 8.00- 21.00ch.


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