The Belogradchik rocks are mentioned on the first place in the New List of the  Seven Wonders of the World.
They have taken the first place in category D – caves, rock formations
and valleys, overtaking previous favorite – the Devil`s town in Serbia.
The Belogradchik rocks are the first among Bulgarian certified sites by

Belogradchik is picturesquely situated in the western part of the Stara Planina (the Balkan mountains) in the southwestern foothills of Belogradchik garland, 80km. from Varshets. Belogradchik is among the most attractive tourist sites of Bulgaria.It offers opportunities for biking, cave and congress tourism , hunting and fishing, sports and astronomical observations.



The fortress ” Kale ” is one of the best preserved ancient objects in Bulgaria.Using the natural inaccessibility of the rocks in I-III century AD the Romans used this stronghold for protection of strategic roads that cross the area. In late antiquity it was part of the defense system of the Roman, later of the Byzantine Empire, built on the northern slopes of Stara Planina.

The Belograschik rocks are beautiful rock formations near the town.One of the unique natural phenomenon which has no analogue in the world.This rock tale stretches from west to east of Mount Vedernik aroundBelogradchik, Borovitsa village to Belotintsi.The area is about 30 km.long with a width of 3-6 km. Тhe rocks are impressive not only for its age over 230 million years, but also with a dozens of legends about bizarre natural forms such as Madonna, The Monks , The Rider, The Dervish, The Bear, Adam and Eve, Hajduk Veljko,The Castle , The cuckoo, The Mushrooms, The lion, The Camel, The Thracian goddess Bendis, Orpheus and Petrified wedding, and many others.

SPA hotel Medicus, in partnership with the municipality of Belogradchik, offers the following services:
– Tour of rocks and fortress ” Kale ”
– Visits of the Magura cave

The ” Stakevskite houses” are located in Stakevtsi village, high in the mountains -18 km. from the town Belogradchik. The complex consists of three houses with an accommodation for 25 people.

Additional attractions which are offered from the complex ” Stakevskite houses” :
– 6 -hours mountain horse riding with a picnic to the waterfall ” White Water ” (groups of 3 to 8 people);
– Walking in the mountains with varying lengths;
– Picking herbs and mushrooms in the mountains ( seasonal);
– Тhree-days course in the mountains of basic skills for survival in the wild nature;
– Cycling in particular organized and marked trails with mountain bikes , helmets and GPS- and;
– Photo tourism – photographers will be able to capture wild animals in their natural habitat – deer , roe deer, wild boar , wolves and many birds;
– Wine tasting at a local winery;
– Course manual weaving – 2 hours;
– Course in the production of essential oils at home – 2 hours;
– Course for preparation of homemade cheese from goat’s milk;
– Course for kneading bread spelled ( an ancient cereal );
– Archery;



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