Adventure shower

There is nothing more enjoyable after the procedures in the saunas or steam bath to “cool down” with an astonishing experience in the Adventure shower.

Adventure showers are a combination of different temperature and injection water jets, flavors, music and lighting effects. Various combinations of these components can carry you for a moment of detente situation of tropical rain to extreme feeling of freshness polar rain.

Adventure showers are one of the most attractive and exotic services in spa centers. Besides the cooling effect, various programs are designed to give you a different water experience, feeling real adventure. The atmosphere is so realistic that closing your eyes, you will certainly feel different exotic corners of the world.

Adventure shower is suitable for all people, willing to try new things and experiences. In each program apart from the general sense of purification and relaxation, there are other specific positive effects on your body and spirit. Visit adventure shower after the procedures in the sauna or steam bath and try something different.

Additional information about the Adventure shower

Working hours:
Monday – Thursday – 8.00- 20.00
Friday – Sunday – 8.00- 21.00

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